The Good School is proud to offer unique custom workshops focused on developing art making, problem solving, collaboration and technical skills through the medium of stop motion animation. Workshops result in lasting digital compositions that contribute to portfolio development and can be shared online, participating in the ever growing global community. Because The Good School is a mobile workshop, bringing all of our equipment and supplies to each lesson, we are able to accomplish large projects within varied spaces and highly flexible time frames.


Semester Long Classes: 8 to 16 weekly sessions / Weekend Workshops / In-School Residencies
Holiday Art Camps / Summer Art Camps / Professional Development for Teachers / Museum Workshops

To learn more about our customized pricing, please email us at or give us a call at 917-622-2942. We are excited to work with you to create your best animation workshop!


CLAYMATION: Old + New Take

One of the most beloved stop motion mediums is made all new, with you! Inventing new methods and design original narratives. Students work collaboratively to participate in a full filmmaking experience from concept design, set and character construction, to tech set up and sound recording to name a few.

Preferred Ages: 6 & Up


Take a tour through the magical process of drawing under the lens through this class that explores hand drafting skills and a diverse set of mediums in the name of stop motion animation filmmaking. Students use professional grade software DragonFrame Stop Motion to bring to life their drawings while exploring age old techniques from rotoscoping to cell animation.

Preferred Ages: 6 & Up


YOU become the star in this class that explores the art of Pixelation; the animation of live subjects! Narrative film making takes on a whole new form as students write and direct their own
animated shorts, showing off the many special effects that can be created using Pixelation.

Preferred Ages: 4 & Up

2-D ANIMATIONS: Multiplanes

One of the oldest tricks in the animation book is explored in this class that features the incredible potential of animating on many layers at once. Using diverse art making techniques to create 2-Dimensional puppets and sets, students learn to add some depth to their work; literally. Clay, paper and other mediums are explored in this exciting class!

Preferred Ages: 6 & Up


Blaze new trails into the art of stop motion animation filmmaking by referring to the old ways and inventing the new. Students work together in small experiment groups to learn a variety of methods and mediums and then conduct a series of experimental workshops giving each production group the awesome power of invention!

Preferred Ages: 4 & Up


The familiar medium of paper is re-invented through a series of narrative and experimental animations featuring the 2D! Students explore figurative and abstract themes, create characters and sets and forge new pathways into the art of stop motion animation!

Preferred Ages: 4 & Up


In these pioneering classes, students learn Spanish, Russian, French or English through a series of integrated lessons fusing visual learning with art making, stop motion animation and writing. All levels of language speaking and art making are welcome to be a part of this unique workshop!

Preferred Ages: 6 & Up