About Us

The Good School is a mobile arts education school that cultivates commercial and traditional art making skills and technological understanding via stop motion animation filmmaking.

Our classes range from customized stop motion animation workshops to New Method Master Classes taught by working artist professionals. Integrating drawing, painting, sculpting, and design with technology, students learn by doing in a collaborative environment. TGS brings all necessary equipment and supplies to each lesson, enabling us to accomplish any project within varied spaces and flexible time frames.

The Good School believes in a wholistic art making experience that utilizes the cooperative process of stop motion animation film making. This allows participants of all ages to experience the roles of artist, teacher and professional. We are so excited to work with you!

Fall 2016:
We are thrilled to share our new art making + stop motion animation how-to book, due out October 1st!

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Laura is a trained illustrator and arts educator who has served children and adults in the New York area for over ten years. She is passionate about progressive arts education and has found a perfect mobile venue for her love of teaching in the formation of The Good School.

Laura received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration as well as her MS in Art + Design Education from Pratt Institute.


Emily is a professional graphic designer and art educator who has been working in NYC since 2010. She believes that by inviting today’s youth into the rich world of art making, through the process of animation, she can help to create a new generation of problem solvers, culture makers and intelligent consumers that could have the potential to bring creative change to all of their spheres of influence.

Emily received her BFA in Visual Communications from the University of Oklahoma and her MS in Art + Design Education from the Pratt Institute.